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Magnetic compound material is mixed by ferrite magnetic powder and plastic resin in mixer, through mix ,smelting,

cooling, shaping and cutting process to produce final magnetic compound. We uses imported automatic production

line to manufacture magnetic compound, which have high performance, good flexibility and stable granularity.

According to different producing technique, there are two kinds of magnetic compound material: injection purpose and

extrusion purpose. Injection magnetic compound is mainly used for producing permanent DC motor, stepper motor,

printer and Margoles of photocopier, bounce cylinder, inductor and Telethon gathering piece. Extrusion magnetic

compound is mainly used for producing refrigerator door gaskets and other door seal gaskets. Rubber magnetic

compound consists of ferrite powder and synthetic rubber. This magnetic compound is mostly for the manufacturing

flexible rubber magnet for use in refrigerator gasket and other products through extrusion. We can supply both Barium

Ferrite and Strontium Ferrite Magnetic Compounds in huge quantities. The compounds can be used for making

different kinds of flexible magnetic strip and sheets by extrusion or calendaring.

Granular magnetic compound consist

of 90% bonded magnetic ferrite powder and around 10% synthetic rubber-plastic materials. All the additive have been

put into the magnetic compound. The magnetic compound can be fed into the extruder directly to extrude magnetic

strip without adding any chemicals. We can also make the magnetic compound according to the properties required

by clients.

Typical products of Magnetic Compound