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PRODUCT>> Magnetic Inkjet Printable Paper
The magnetic photo paper is both UV ray and water proof which will keep your color prints looking vividly for a long time,

This magnetic photo paper is compatiable with most popular brand name photo printers in the market, the total

thickness is about 0.3mm.

This kind of magnetic paper is very thin, just a little thicker than ordinary paper. One side of it is magnetic, after you print

your advertisement you can suck it on other object, no need to use the glue.

Printable Magnetic Papers

Applications: Office Memo, Posters, Arts and Crafts

Sizes: A4 210 mm X 297 mm

A3 297 mm X 420 mm

Thickness: 0.3-1.0mm


Fridge magnet can be grouped into two types, one is made of bare magnet and the other one is made of magnet +

self adhesive. It possesses many functions. It is usually used as ornaments and notebook to remind people of


Categories of magnetic product

1) Fridge magnet: It is made of soft rubber magnet plus art paper with colorful printing, also there is coated film on the surface to protect the printing.

2) The thermometer magnet: Its underside is made of soft rubber magnet; Its upper side is made of art paper with four color printing, and a thermometer is stuck upon the surface.

3) Magnetic bookmark: Its underside is rubber magnet. The upper side is art paper with full color printing

4) Magnetic memo pad (white board): it’s made of soft rubber magnet+ art paper with four color printing+ marker pen.

5) Magnetic photo frame: Adopting soft rubber magnets+ art paper with pp film, and die cut a photo frame in the center, In accordance with the requirements of the guests it can also be made into double frame, PVC frame, the cardboard frame, etc.

6) Magnetic note pad: It adopts rubber magnets +art paper with four color printing+ notepad.

7) Magnetic puzzle: It adopts soft rubber magnet in its underside (or paperboard, grey board) and art paper with four-color printing. The small card in its middle is made by die cutting.

8) Soft PVC fridge magnet: Its patterns are made by PVC materials and its back is mounted with magnet.

9)Tinplate fridge magnet: It is made of rubber magnet sheet+ Tinplate sheet, and it adopts the technology of four color printing .

10)EVA dart plate: it’s made of EVA + iron sheet (in the center)+ art paper with full color printing + dart head.

11) Acrylic fridge magnet: It is made of soft rubber magnet (in underside), art paper with full color printing + acrylic materials.

12)Resin finish fridge magnet: soft rubber magnet + art paper with colorful printing +resin finish.


◎The fridge can be printed with logo and ad slogan of customers’ according to the requirements of the clients.

◎It is suitable for brand promotion. Choosing such products for image promotion, it is cheap, easy to popularize the products, and it can also be used for cartoon fridge magnet.

◎It can be made into various sizes and shapes according to the requirement of the customers.

Material: rubber magnet + art paper /PVC

Feature: promotional articles