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Bonded ferrite powders are the main raw materials for producing bonded ferrite magnets, The high-property powders

are suitable for extruding, rolling or injecting process Specifications of XCF Plastic Bonded Ferrite Magnetic


XCF series Strontium plastic bonded ferrite magnetic powders are suitable for making various bonded magnets. They

have good compatibility with different kinds of composite size, such powders have high filling capacity. They can be

used for making

different kinds of magnets by extrusion or injection molding.

The magnetic ferrite powder are suitable for producing different grades of hard ferrite magnets by wet pressing or

dry pressing. We supply the magnetic ferrite powders in three forms: granular powder (6-12mm), coarse powder (3,

-6um) fine powder (0.75-1.05um) according to the needs of clients. The magnetic ferrite powder can be classified as

isotropic magnetic ferrite powder and anisotropic magnetic ferrite powder. Anisotropic magnetic ferrite powder has

better orientation.

2. Procedure Summaries

a. Before production, the powders should avoid being humidified, and avoid being mixed with other material and


b. The mixture ratio of binders and plasticizers should be defined according to the grade of the powder. The powder

and binders

and plasticizers should be mixed uniformly.

c. The working temperature of extruding should be controlled between 50OC to 90OC.(calendaring plate is usually

between 80OC to 120OC)

d. Please adjust the extruding speed, calendaring speed and times, according to the property required.